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Quick Guide to Geodesic Dome Home Layouts and Floorplans

In a world where most of our buildings are rectangular, it can be tricky to think of what to do with a space that is round -- like geodesic dome homes. Domes are built so they don’t need load-bearing walls, offering open space with no restrictions. That part is great. But trying to figure out what an unobstructed round space looks like with furniture in it and how you can use that space takes some getting used to.

Check out our guide to dome sizes so you can get an idea of what you can fit inside each dome. From the smallest of domes to the largest, there’s a size that will fit what you need.

What Can You Use a Geodesic Dome Home for?

Lots of things! Like many people, you can make your home in a dome. But you can also turn a dome into an exercise studio, a restaurant, a store, an exhibition space, or even an ice fishing shack. Naturally, we like domes for glamping tents as well.

To decide which size dome you need, think in terms of square footage. To give you an idea of what each size accommodates, here is a handy guide.

Small Dome Uses

Small geodesic domes make great tiny homes and short-term rentals, as well as glamping tents.

16.4 ft (5m) – 211 square feet - This cozy size is best for glamping or another short-term type of use that doesn’t require having a kitchen or indoor restroom. You can also use it as exhibit space.

 6m dome tent

19.7 ft (6m) – 304 square feet - If you’re looking for a tiny home, this is the size for you. With this size dome, you have room for two to sleep in a queen-size bed between nightstands, plus a small kitchen with a table and chairs. Your bathroom would go outside.

geodome plan

tiny dome plan
Family-Sized Medium Domes
Having more space gives you more options and allows you to house more people. So if you want a dome home for your family, consider one of these sizes, or larger.

23 ft (7m) – 415 square feet – Looking to use vertical space? You can have a small loft for sleeping with this size, above an indoor bathroom. There’s also room for a family of four to sleep and live. 

26 ft (8m) – 531 square feet – This size will give you a bigger loft area, because the height of the dome is 15.7 feet (4.8m). You can also have a separate, private bedroom with this size, in addition to room for cooking and eating meals, and a sitting area.


7m dome plan floor

8m dome planMoving on Up to Large Domes

These geodesic domes are the size of some apartments, so you know they will give you the most interior space. Want actual rooms? You can create them with walls or partitions. These domes are also great for recreation.

29.5 ft (9m) – 683 square feet - This is a great size for a yoga studio or workshop - or a long-term residence for two. With interior walls, you can create multiple rooms.

large dome tent floor plan

32 ft (10m) – 804 square feet – Families can live happily for a long time in a geodesic dome home this large. But imagine the possibilities! This can also be a studio for exercise classes or a place to host events. 

32ft dome plan

Put Your Dome on a Platform

Most of our customers choose to put their dome on a wooden platform. This way, your dome is off the ground. Plus, a platform keeps your dome level despite uneven or sloped terrain.

We recommend building a round wooden platform -- that way, it’s easy to seal the cover skirt around the edges with some trim to keep weather and critters out. If you want to put your dome on a rectangular deck, you need to account for a drainage gap around the edge of the dome to ensure rainwater doesn’t get under the edge of the dome.

If you use the dome year-round, we recommend insulating the platform. Build up an insulated floor on the inside of your dome. Other options for flooring are poured concrete slabs (potentially insulated with radiant heat), or assembling your dome directly on the ground.

Once you’ve decided a geodesic dome is for you, find the size that will fit your needs. Glamping Dome Store has geodesic domes in several sizes to accommodate any use. Shop our domes and dome accessories, or contact us for help choosing the right dome.

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