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What’s Going On In The Glamping And Unique Hospitality World And Why Should We Be Paying Attention?
If you haven’t already heard, there’s a new worldwide trend fast emerging that is pulling us away from holidays abroad and pushing us towards more interesting staycations at home in unique and often quirky structures, which deliver an experience.
Since 2007 we have seen a steady increase in the portmanteau ‘glamping’. It is an alluring mix of glamour and camping that’s doing a great job of attracting both those who love camping outside, together with those who don’t.
Glamping is rapidly becoming a celebration of style, creativity and eco-tourism, where sometimes even the most humble abode can be elevated into something everyone loves to visit.
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In these spaces, you can find a unique and luxurious sanctuary where the guest enjoys an experience. This is something millennials demand and is currently shaping future trends in the hospitality industry.
The interesting fact about glamping is how it is attracting an entirely new group of customers into the outdoor hospitality market. People who have never before considered traditional camping - and never will - are exploring the possibilities of glamping. This is opening up opportunities and prospects for everyone.
Unsurprisingly as the glamping and luxury camping trend grows, the popularity of starting a glamping business does too, as it offers an exciting new opportunity for those who want to offer some kind of hospitality.

One of the best-kept secrets in this industry is that some glamping business models can achieve a return on investment and pay for their set up costs within the first two years and sometimes even before that, which is quite a bold claim for any new business.

If you are interested in learning more about the glamping industry you can listen to the Podcast: The Business of Glamping and Unique Holiday Rentals available in all the usual places.
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Sarah Riley is a glamping business adviser who started her consultancy after jointly running a unique hospitality business for many years. She now shares techniques in her internationally acclaimed Glamping Business Start-Up Guide and Marketing Masterclass to help owners set up their business, attract more guests and increase profits. Visit Inspired Courses to access all Sarah’s glamping business tools and resources.