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About us

If you love the outdoors, sustainable living, and forward thinking, then welcome to the tribe of people passionate about domes.

Our story began when our family moved to the breathtakingly beautiful Sylvan Lake, with Canada's ravishing Rocky Mountains right at our doorstep.

Being avid wilderness enthusiasts, we loved the idea of sharing this happiness and the picturesque outdoors with other nature lovers, adventurists, families, and innovators. What better way to do that with our own unique style?

And so Glamping Dome Store was born.

Inspired by Domes ...

Our vision for Glamping Dome Store was a place where you could easily find a variety of geodesic domes and accessories for any use:

  • Glamping resort
  • Tiny home
  • Vacation rental
  • Shop
  • Guest house
  • Studio
  • Dining
  • Exhibition
  • Community center

Or anything else you can dream of.

... Committed to Your Dome Experience

Of course, your dreams shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, because you never know when you may need those limbs! That’s why we pride ourselves on our top-notch and economical geodesic domes. What’s more, we’re 100% committed to the highest standard of customer satisfaction, from purchase all the way to delivery. (We deliver worldwide!)

... and Giving Back to the Community

We are also committed to giving back to our world in a meaningful way. When you shop at Glamping Dome Store, we donate to O.U.R. Rescue. This nonprofit works to rescue children from global human trafficking and exploitation. As a family business, we could not pass up the opportunity to take part in saving kids and rehabilitating victims. So when you shop with us, you are helping this important cause too.

We hope you’ll make Glamping Dome Store your go-to source for everything related to geodesic domes. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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