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Have you ever felt like it would be great to speak to someone who has already bought a dome tent and installed it? To find out their feedback on the quality, installation process, features, and special aspects of domes? To hear firsthand what it’s like to offer guests a dome in your own glamping retreat?

Meet one of our customers, who received and installed their Glamping Dome Store geodesic tent in the beginning of June 2021. Tiny Haven Living is a glamping and country-style getaway resort spread over three beautiful locations close to Baltimore and Washington DC. All of their locations are minutes from outdoor activities, wineries, and breweries, with fun small-town vibes that make Tiny Haven such a popular destination to many city folks.

Jonathan and Danielle, the founders of Tiny Haven Living, built the retreat where you feel both at home and also on an adventure. They put in lots of work and have in-depth knowledge about tiny homes and spaces, off-grid living, renovations, and more in a number of unique and special accommodations located on the properties. And that is why so many guests and small-group retreats choose a getaway at Tiny Haven. Danielle and Jonathan continue to improve the experience for all who step foot on the amazing properties.

Q: Jonathan, tell us a bit about yourself. How did you start your Airbnb business?

A: We started Tiny Haven, our tiny home and glamping business, in 2018. We began with two tiny homes and one airstream. In 2019 we added three bell tents, which were very popular.

Q: Thank you. And why have you chosen glamping, tiny homes, and hospitality as a business model? Why not build a motel, for example?

A: Our mission is to create unique, consciously curated spaces and experiences for the guests to live with roots and wings. Tiny Living isn’t about settling for less … it’s about experiencing life more fully every day.

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Q: Danielle, why did you decide to install a geodesic dome on your property?

A: We loved doing all of the accommodations, but the tiny houses and airstreams require a high up-front cost, and the tents are seasonal and need a lot of maintenance to keep them in good condition. So we decided to do something different -- a glamping geodesic dome.

Q: Why did you pick Glamping Dome Store over other companies?

A: We did a lot of research on glamping domes and spoke with several companies. We decided to go with Glamping Dome Store because of the quality of the dome, customer service, and the price. We had a great experience with them. They were available via text to help us with questions before, during, and after the ordering and erecting the dome.

Q: Your dome tent is equipped with additional mesh-screen vents and a solar fan. Are you considering adding more products to help airflow circulation -- like an AC unit, more vents, one more solar fan -- or is your setup good enough?

A: The dome does get hot during the day if it is warm outside. We do provide a quiet generator that can run the AC unit inside the dome, which does cool the space, although not to the same extent as a house. Guests are responsible for operating the generator. We also provide a gas can that you can take to get gas for the generator. The generator will run the AC for a few hours.

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Q: Is your dome, Jonathan, equipped with an insulation layer as well?

A: No, it is not. We feel that in our climate there are not that many days with extreme cold or hot weather, and we decided against purchasing the additional insulation. But I can see how it may be necessary in more harsh climates.

Q: Was the installation process challenging or quite easy? Did you receive adequate support and information on all or most topics?

A: The manual was helpful, and Jonathan erected the frame of the dome himself. We had three people to get the cover on the dome (more would have been easier for sure!) but we were able to do it. We erected the dome on a deck we had already built the year prior. We installed a door bought at our local Home Depot store, and it works great! Support from Glamping Dome Store was done over WhatsApp Messenger, and we had no issues getting in touch and getting answers for our questions.

Q: Do you consider setting up more geodesic domes in the future? How do your guests like staying in the dome? What do they say about their experience?

A: We love our dome. We have a 20ft diameter dome, and it feels huge! It can easily fit a king-size bed and queen-size futon. The dome has been getting great reviews from guests who love the unique experience. We post the reviews on our web site. We would love to work with Glamping Dome Store again on future dome projects.

glamping geodesic dome panoramic window


Q: Now when it is all finished, how do you sell it? What is the target audience for this accommodation type?

A: "Luna" is our 20ft diameter waterproof geodesic dome and is a unique experience close to nature. Luna the Stargazer Dome features a king-size bed, queen-size futon, indoor and outdoor dining areas, a large skylight for stargazing, large panoramic window with a view of the pasture (and curtains for privacy), solar- and battery-operated lighting, and a private outdoor fire pit and propane grill. Perfect for nature lovers, couples, solo adventurers, small families, and girls’ weekends! This is a great experience for someone who is self-sufficient and enjoys camping, but wants a unique space in a great location. Luna can sleep up to four guests.

Q: That is a nice rounded-up experience for the city folks who love to get away from the busy everyday noise, for sure. Now, if I ask you to provide us with feedback on the dome tent -- suggest any changes in the product, what do we need to add to our manual, or customer service improvement -- anything that we should be doing better…

A: We would recommend that the parts list and the parts themselves match up -- that was the biggest thing that Jonathan had trouble with when erecting the dome. For example, enough of the proper size washers. If there is a way to improve that the parts are exactly what is needed and they are labeled to match the manual, that would make it much easier.

Danielle, Jonathan, thank you very much for your time answering the questions. I will relay the feedback to management, and I am sure we will make changes to improve.

Are you interested in adding a geodesic dome to your glamping retreat? Please contact us with any questions.

All photography owned by Tiny Haven, LLC, not to be used without expressed permission.

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