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Discover the Power of Expos for Your Glamping or Camping Site Business!

Discover the Power of Expos for Your Glamping or Camping Site Business! First-hand Experience from Our Company to Your Business.

Over a weekend in May 2024, we participated in the Alberta Outdoor Adventure Expo and gathered some valuable insights we are eager to pass along! This time around, we took on a vendor role and installed our smallest 16.4-foot (5-meter) dome tent at Rival Trade Brewing's location. Drawing from our first-hand experiences, we've put together a set of tips tailored to enhance your camping or glamping business! Attending an outdoor expo might be the game-changer you need.

Here’s why:

Discover the Latest Trends: Stay ahead of the curve by exploring the newest trends and innovations in the outdoor hospitality industry. From exploring different outdoor vendors to eco-friendly camping and glamping solutions, an expo is your one-stop shop for inspiration and ideas. These events offer a fantastic opportunity to learn about sustainable tourism and unique accommodations.

Network with Industry Leaders: Rub elbows with the best in the business! Expos are the perfect place to meet like-minded professionals, share experiences, and forge valuable connections. Who knows, your next big partnership could be just a conversation away! It's an ideal platform for those in the travel and outdoor activities industries to expand their networks.

Showcase Your Unique Offerings: Put your business on the map by showcasing what makes your business special. Whether it’s luxurious amenities, breathtaking views, unique experiences, or a product, an expo is the perfect platform to attract new customers and partners. Highlight your eco-lodges and luxury camping experiences to draw attention to your booth.

Now, let's talk about how everything turned out. All the way from the very first invitation call to the disassembly of the dome. We were contacted by a representative of the outdoor expo, who provided us with detailed information about the event's theme, duration, and requirements. We received specifics on the location, booth dimensions, and pricing.

To ensure a smooth setup, we decided to visit the expo location in advance. Proper installation and securing of our dome tent were crucial. Our booth measured 20x20 feet, and we paid CAD 375 for the space. We had permission to access the expo’s location a few days prior to the event. On the first day, we transported and installed the flooring. This feature is available on our website, and we recommend installing this raised flooring directly on the dome deck. On the same day, we also assembled the whole dome structure. The 16.4-foot dome frame consists of around 165 steel pipes and 15 anchoring plates. It took two of us approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to work on the flooring and about 3 to 5 hours to install the frame and anchor the structure securely to withstand high winds. On the second day, we installed the insulation, cover, and solar fan. Again, only two people were involved in the installation. All furnishings arrived on the day of the event, and the dome tent was ready for viewing.

The event lasted for three days. The first day was for vendors to get acquainted with each other; the second day was for meeting local people interested in outdoor products; and the third day was dedicated to the conclusion of the expo and deinstallation. It took us 2.5 to 3 hours to disassemble the structure, pack everything, and move out of the expo location. We used one pickup truck to transport the flooring, another truck for the frames, door frames, doors, covers, insulation, ladders, and other tools, and an SUV for furnishings and other add-ons. This was a unique experience for us, considering the timeframe for assembly and disassembly, the limited number of people involved in the installation, the hands-on experience of showcasing our product, and the opportunity to connect with new businesses and explore new opportunities for our business.

Key Takeaways and Tips for Attending an Expo:

Attend the Right Show: As a first-time exhibitor, selecting the right show is crucial. Some expos cater to businesses of all sizes, while others are specifically tailored to small companies or large firms. When deciding on participation in an expo, ensure the event’s theme aligns with your product. For instance, we sell dome tent structures ideal for camping or glamping sites, so an outdoor expo was a perfect match for us. It wouldn’t make sense to invest in a Tech Innovations Expo if you’re offering outdoor products or services.

Strategize and Plan: Approach your first exhibition as you would any business project. And we all know what it means: planning is essential. Contact the expo representative to gather all necessary details, including the location of your stand, its size, and the move-in and move-out dates.

Organize the Team: Consider the people who will be working on the stand. Choose individuals who are enthusiastic and motivated to represent your company and brand effectively. Once you have your team, clearly communicate your expectations and share your exhibition plan, including the end goal. Gather their ideas too—who knows, they might already have firsthand experience of attending trade shows.

Decide on a Budget and Prepare Marketing Materials: It's time to consider your finances and determine how much you can afford to spend on your first exhibition. Be realistic in your budgeting to avoid problems later on. Everything from the design and team members of the show stand to promotional materials, food, and drink should be factored into your budget. Remember, your product or booth presentation is your primary opportunity to impress visitors. It's the first thing people will notice, so investing sufficient time and money is essential. A big thanks to for our vinyl banner. They were fantastic to work with, met our tight schedule, and offered unbeatable pricing. We highly recommend them! Also, it's important to ensure your company is included in the expo’s marketing materials and come prepared with all your promotional items: brochures, business cards, and branded gifts (we used keychains with our logo and contact information). Bring plenty of business cards, as they are essential for effective networking. These tools are crucial for making lasting connections and leaving a memorable impression.

Conduct Thorough Research: Reflect on last year's trade show: who attended and what did their stands look like? Visit the expo's website and social media pages, as well as those of any competitors who participated. Consider who will be attending this year. Will any major competitors be there? How can you make your stand stand out and be memorable? Identify other exhibitors you’d like to connect with on the day. Make a list of these stands and schedule time in your event plan to visit them. Networking with fellow exhibitors is crucial.

Spread the Word: Once your participation is confirmed, start your pre-show marketing. Use social media to post updates and ask others to share your posts. Follow the event on social media and join any groups they run. Make sure your audience knows where to find you at the exhibition and what to expect at your booth.

Dress For Success: Choose a comfortable outfit that gives a positive, professional impression of your business. Along with your booth, your attire plays a key role in making a great first impression. It's always a good idea to opt for a smart/casual outfit and comfortable footwear since you'll likely be on your feet all day. For our outfit, we would like to thank GeekGirl—great quality and affordable prices, works within the given timeline perfectly! (Location: Alberta, Canada).

Make Sure You Walk Around the Exhibition Hall Twice: When attending a business exhibition, it's essential to thoroughly explore the entire venue. We recommend walking around the area twice! Taking multiple rounds during your visit ensures you don't overlook any stands or exhibits, which can be easy to miss on your initial pass. You never know who you’ll end up bumping into…

Engage Visitors Effectively: Interact with everyone passing your trade stand and remain attentive. Every passerby represents a potential opportunity, so don't miss out. An engaging display attracts visitors, but it's essential to have conversation starters ready once they arrive. Prepare open-ended questions to initiate discussions and uncover their needs. Offer demonstrations of your product or service to make the interaction memorable and leave a lasting impression.

Educate Yourself on Vendor Strategies for Expos: Consider delving into several articles available online that provide insights into becoming a successful vendor at expos. Reading multiple articles can offer a comprehensive understanding of various strategies, including booth design, marketing techniques, effective networking, and maximizing your presence at the event. Learning from experts and experienced vendors can help you prepare adequately and optimize your experience as a vendor at the expo.

Embrace The Experience: Finally, remember to smile, enjoy the experience, and embrace the opportunity to gain new skills and insights. Engage with others enthusiastically and make meaningful connections for your business. Each interaction at the expo is a chance to learn, grow, and expand your network, so seize the moment and make the most of it. By approaching the event with positivity and openness, you'll not only enhance your professional development but also leave a lasting impression on those you meet.

Attending business expos may require carving out time from your busy schedule, but the rewards are invaluable. These events provide opportunities to expand your network, forge new connections, reconnect with old acquaintances, and spark fresh ideas and inspiration for your own business ventures.

Remember, the key to success at an expo lies in thorough preparation, effective networking, and embracing the experience with enthusiasm. With these tips in mind, you'll be well-equipped to make the most of your next expo appearance and take your glamping or camping site business to new heights!

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A big shoutout to all the vendors who participated in the Expo, including Black Sheep Camps and Cow Lake Store & Resort. It was great connecting with fellow outdoor enthusiasts and exploring their unique offerings. Check out their pages for more insights into the exciting world of outdoor adventures!

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