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A tent without cover wouldn’t be a tent, right? Let’s talk about dome fabrics.

The material widely used for the exterior cover of a dome tent is PVC-coated polyester mesh.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride)—also known as vinyl—is a plastic substance that comes in a variety of forms, including rigid and flexible, transparent and opaque, glossy and matte. It's commonly accessible in film form, which is used to make a variety of parts and products for a variety of household and commercial applications.

Double PVC-coated polyester mesh is used to make the covers for all of our dome tents. The thickness ranges from 19 oz/sq. yd. (650 g/sq. m.) to 28 oz/sq. yd. (950 g/sq. m.) and higher thickness is available for special requests. This coated polyester material is heavy and, consequently, a strong material with greater abrasion resistance and better function in different weather conditions. We also enhance the wearability by using a thicker film on the face side of the panoramic window, which performs well over a longer period of time.

Welding lines.

Coated PVC offers improved strength and durability, but it is limited in terms of width. This width limitation creates something called “welding lines," which you probably noticed on our panoramic and skylight windows. In manufacturing, PVC welding is a hot air welding process used to permanently join separate pieces of PVC. It involves heating and/or melting the material at the contact surfaces and pressing the pieces together.


We always make an effort to create your panoramic window in such a way that the lines can be hidden behind dome frame struts. However, the lines tend to flow depending on the correct installation process and the outside temperature in your area.

pvc weld lines ona apno window


In other cases, though, a tent can be constructed entirely without the need for welding lines. The minimum order amount depends on the size of the dome, and it ranges from 25 to 50 tents.

PVC membrane care and protection.

Every tent cover has a lifespan. It is important to understand the proper storage, care, and use of the fabrics. While tent fabrics are built to be durable, they can still become damaged if mishandled. 

Three guidelines are: 

  1. Follow the tent seller’s instructions for installation and storage; and 
  1. Avoid, or at least be careful with, chemicals and heat during washing and storage; 
  1. Cleaning and protection should be done on a regular basis.It will make a big difference in prolonging the lifespan of your newly purchased geodesic dome tent.

The ability to withstand ultraviolet radiation is important for protecting the integrity of PVC film, as well. While most of the UV radiation from the sun is absorbed in the Earth’s atmosphere, about 33% still reaches objects on the surface of the planet. PVC ageing is most commonly caused by UV rays. The clear vinyl dome tent parts are the most delicate parts of your dome tent. 

shading net for the panoramic window of a glamping dome


But there are ways to protect the PVC membrane from UV damage. If there is no UV protection on PVC fabric, plasticizers gradually leak out of all PVC products exposed to high radiation, making them more difficult to clean and more brittle. 

So, to ensure long-term dome membrane performance, please check out these important tips:

1. Your best option is to place your dome in a natural or manmade shade. Shielding the dome from the sun's exposure can be a big help.

shading net use on a dome tent


2. Use UV protection. Just like you cover and protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, you can do the same for your dome tent cover with special UV protectants. They help to shield the dome’s vinyl surfaces from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

Here is our line of great dome tent care products which will help to take care of the dome vinyl and maintenance to last: Multi Surface Cleaner, Clear Vinyl Protective Spray, and Vinyl UV Protectant.

Moreover, it's always a good idea to keep in mind that different environments will create different results. Tent fabric may start to show signs of ageing faster in the hot sun of Texas than in a forested area of Oregon. The level of protection needs to be adjusted depending on customer needs and location.

Dome tent storage.

In order to properly store a tent, you should never put it away wet. Even if the fabric has been treated with a fungicide, mildew will form on the surface of the tent. Mildew may develop on almost any surface, including the highest-quality PVC. To prevent this from happening, make sure your dome storage location has good ventilation and is dry, and be sure to clean the cover properly before storing it.

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