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How Cooling Paint Works: Cool Roof Technology

It’s so hot that … cows are giving evaporated milk … chickens are laying hard-boiled eggs … and when you buy bread at the store, it’s toast before you get home! These are just jokes, of course, but climate change isn’t funny. Science shows that our planet is heating up. While there are many ways people are trying to fight climate change, one way is simple – use cooling paint on your roof. With the right paint (like Thermo-Shield roof coat), you can not only help keep things cooler, but also save energy and money.

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How Does Cooling Paint Work?

Cooling paint is a special kind of coating that works in two ways: resisting and reflecting heat. This keeps your home, dome tent or other building cooler.

First, let's talk about reflecting heat, aka solar reflectance. Roofing materials and coatings like Thermo-Shield are made to reflect the heat from the sun’s rays. The Solar Reflectance Index measures how much solar heat a roof can reflect. So you want a high solar reflectivity rate to “throw off” solar rays.

Another way a roof coating helps is to release heat that it does absorb. This is called infrared emissivity, or thermal emittance. Sunlight by itself is not hot; heat is generated when UV and infrared rays get absorbed. Thermo-Shield takes care of that.

Solar reflectance and thermal emittance are two qualities a roof should have. When you’re shopping for a product with these properties, look for the measurement of solar reflectance and thermal emittance. The higher the measurement, the cooler your roof.


Roof Coatings Like Thermo-Shield Save Energy and Money

When your roof reflects and emits heat, you don’t have to use as much energy to cool your home. And that saves you money! In fact, by reducing the Solar Heat Gain on Roofs, Thermo-Shield helps Save Energy on Cooling Loads. Because Thermo-Shield is Energy Star certified, you know it’s a product that will save the planet and your budget.

Thermo-Shield paint can be pigmented in any Sherwin-Williams or Ben Moor colors. And also we can add Tropical Additive to the paint if the climate or location is prone to produce mold. The additive makes the paint coat more mold resistant.

Start saving money and energy with Thermo-Shield cooling paint. Use our handy chart to see how much Thermo-Shield you need to cover your roof. Stil have questions? Please contact us.

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