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Geodesic Dome Tent - 23 ft (7 m) - Glamping Dome Store
Geodesic Dome Tent - 23 ft (7 m) - Glamping Dome Store
Geodesic Dome Tent - 23 ft (7 m) - Glamping Dome Store
Geodesic Dome Tent - 23 ft (7 m) - Glamping Dome Store
glamping 7m 23 ft diameter dome interior
glamping interior bedroom
multiple colors available for pvc cover of our geodesic dome tents
23ft 7m geodesic glamping tent dome
Geodesic Dome Tent - 23 ft (7 m) - Glamping Dome Store

Geodesic Dome Tent - 23 ft (7 m)

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International shipping, a detailed Structural Report, and a Deck Building Guide are included!

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Having more space opens up endless possibilities and provides plenty of room to accommodate a larger number of people. So if you are looking for a dome home for your family, we recommend considering our 23-foot (7-meter) geodesic dome tent. The layout of this space is both open and spacious and provides plenty of room for an en-suite bedroom and a lavishly furnished area, creating the perfect setting for a luxurious glamping retreat.

Interested in maximizing vertical space? With this dome tent size, you can have a small loft for sleeping right above an indoor bathroom. Additionally, it comfortably accommodates a family of four for both sleeping and living purposes.

This geodesic dome tent is more than just an attractive option for luxurious camping. It seamlessly transitions into a stunning venue for events, receptions, yoga retreats, exhibition tents, or even a captivating concert chill-out spot. With its ability to accommodate a steady flow of visitors, this dome tent becomes an ideal choice for hosting a range of memorable occasions.

But its versatility doesn't stop there. This dome tent kit holds incredible potential for the development of a glamping eco-tourism destination. Its allure and functionality make it an appealing investment for those looking to create a sustainable and immersive glamping experience.

The curved shape of this geodesic dome structure plays a vital role in its wind resistance. The spherical or dome shape allows wind to flow smoothly around the structure, reducing wind resistance and minimizing the impact of wind pressure on the tent. With a 1.25-inch (32 mm) framework, this 23-foot geodesic structure can withstand winds up to 167 mph (268 km/h). Its aerodynamic design helps prevent the buildup of wind forces and reduces the likelihood of the tent collapsing under strong gusts.

Discover the possibilities that await with this 23-foot geodesic dome tent. From a luxurious retreat to a captivating event venue, this structure is sure to leave a lasting impression.




  • DOME FLOOR: 23 ft (7 m) diameter

  • DOME CENTER HEIGHT: 13.5 ft (4.1 m)

  • DOME FLOOR FOOTAGE: 415 ft² (38.5 m²)

  • DOME STRUCTURE FRAME: 1.0-1.25" (26-32 mm) diameter, 1/16-5/64" (1.5-1.8 mm) thick galvanized pipe. Anti-corrosion / anti-rust treated; powder-coated white.

  • V FREQUENCY: 3V (165 struts)

  • DOME COVER MEMBRANE: PVC coated polyester 25 oz/yd² (850 g/m²), UV - resistant, fire-retardant, waterproof, mold-resistant

  • STEEL FRAME WEIGHT: 590 lb (268 kg)

  • COVER WEIGHT: 185 lb (84 kg)

  • DOME TENT SNOW AND WIND CAPACITY: 1" (26 mm) D frame; 1.25" (32 mm) D frame

Please use our BUYER'S COMPARISON CHECKLIST to help you weigh multiple dome suppliers and services in order to make the right decision.



    ● Frame. Galvanized steel. Powder-coated white.

    ● Cover. Available in multiple colors.

    ● x15 heavy-duty anchor plates are included to secure the tent to a concrete or wooden surface. Galvanized steel. Powder-coated white.

    ● x1 solid door frame ready for a 36x80" pre-hung exterior door. Galvanized steel. Powder-coated white.

    ● x1 PVC transparent panoramic window (regular size: 2 V levels from the base).


    ● x1 round transparent PVC, no-open window.

    ● x2 mesh screen vents.

    ● Continental US and Canada shipping, all import and handling fees. New Zealand and Australia shipping; some conditions apply.

    ● x1 Installation Manual and Guide, Assembly Diagram, List of Parts (e-copies).

    ● x1 Structural Report with Calculated Wind and Snow Loads (e-copy).

    ● x1 Engineered deck building guide for a 23-foot (7-meter) dome tent.

    Please check out our Glamping Accessories collection to view additional add-on features.

    Please note: For assembling bigger dome structures such as 23 FT (7 M), 26 FT (8 M), 29.5 FT (9 M), and 32 FT (10 M), we suggest a crew of at least 6 people and the use of mechanical lifting equipment and scaffolding for assistance. Please refer to each dome tent listing to check the weight of the dome cover and dome center height. Based on that information, you can determine if you may need to use mechanical equipment or scaffolding, even for smaller structures.



    Each dome tent purchase comes with a complementary dome deck plan. This engineered deck building guide outlines a list of materials, a detailed description, and all the needed measurements that can be used to build the dome platform yourself or share it with your local contractor.

    We highly recommend adhering to our guide for dome tent platform construction, as it has been engineered to meet optimal wind load requirements established in our standard engineering report for each dome tent size. By following the guide's specifications, you can have confidence in the platform's stability and performance.

    Also, when your platform matches your dome's base dimensions, it simplifies the process of achieving a watertight seal along the cover's edges. This essential step prevents rainwater or meltwater from seeping into the interior of your dome tent, ensuring a dry and comfortable environment while also keeping critters out.




    Our dome tent prices include brokerage, applicable duties, and import taxes, as well as shipping and handling fees up to your local warehouse or to a physical address accessible for commercial transport in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, or the contiguous United States. The exceptions for each country are as follows:

    • For the USA: Excludes Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and other territories.
    • For Canada: Excludes Newfoundland and Labrador, the Territories, and Prince Edward Island.
    • For New Zealand: Available within the Auckland area; other destinations require a special quote; NZ GST and import tariffs are not included.
    • For Australia: Available within zip codes 2, 3, and 4; other destinations require a special quote.

    Please note:


    The warehouse may apply a docking fee, and in the case of crate or garbage disposal, a disposal fee may also be charged.

    Delivery to New England states (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont) may require up to an additional 14 days due to geographical location and logistical considerations.

    For all other countries, please refer to our 'Worldwide Delivery' page.

    Delivery time: Typically, it takes 9-12 weeks from the moment you place your order with us to receive your dome tent.

    Please review our Terms and Conditions page for detailed information on ordering, shipping, exchange, and return policies before placing your order.


    Made in China.



    Please contact us for more details and the enrollment process.

    Geodesic Dome Tent - 23 ft (7 m) - Glamping Dome Store
    Geodesic Dome Tent - 23 ft (7 m) - Glamping Dome Store
    Geodesic Dome Tent - 23 ft (7 m) - Glamping Dome Store
    glamping 7m 23 ft diameter dome interior
    glamping interior bedroom
    multiple colors available for pvc cover of our geodesic dome tents
    23ft 7m geodesic glamping tent dome